Do you have a confidential news tip? Share it with Reuters


With about 2,500 journalists in nearly 200 cities, supported by a dedicated global investigative team, Reuters has the expertise and resources to chase news to the ends of the earth.

If you have significant information of public interest, Reuters has several ways tipsters can communicate confidentially with its journalists. No system is 100 percent secure. But the tools below can help protect your anonymity.

The more documents, data or other evidence you include to substantiate your tip, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to investigate it. The best tips include evidence of what is happening, as well as an explanation of why this is important and what the consequences are.

If you wish to submit a substantial number of documents, please contact us by the means below and we will explain the most secure way.

Please do not use the tips line to send press releases, freelance story proposals or feedback on stories we have written. For those, please use our contact us page or reach out directly to relevant reporters.

We review every message but are not able to respond to each one. If our reporters have questions about your tip, you may hear from them directly.


Signal is a free phone app that allows you to make calls and to send messages, images or video. Your communications are end-to-end encrypted, meaning they can only be read by your intended recipients. Signal keeps only your phone number and profile information. Its servers do not access or store your transmitted data, and you can configure the service to delete messages from your phone automatically at certain time intervals.

Our Signal number is +1 (347) 880-5627
You can read Signal’s privacy policy here:
Download the app here:

Encrypted email

You can send encrypted email messages via Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). You will need client software or a browser extension, such as the Chrome extension Mailvelope, to send the message. The extension will encrypt the content of the message, but not the identity of the sender, recipient, subject line or the time and date when it was sent. The fingerprint of our public key and a link to download it are below. You can also send encrypted email to reporters directly. A list of their public keys is at the end of this page.

Our PGP fingerprint: 5A87 FE02 6E64 8F5B
Download Mailvelope here:

Postal mail

We recommend you use a public mailbox, not a post office, to mail a letter or package to Reuters.

Reuters News Tips
c/o Blake Morrison, investigative projects editor
3 Times Square, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Reuters News Tips
c/o Reade Levinson, data and enterprise reporter
5 Canada Square
London, UK E14 5AQ

Reuters News Tips
c/o Peter Hirschberg, investigative projects editor
Level 10, 60 Margaret St
Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia


This submission system allows you to send us information with more security and anonymity than other electronic means by using the Tor network to protect your identity and location. This system is a way for you to send us information with more security and anonymity than email or other electronic means. It uses the Tor network, which seeks to conceal users’ identities by encrypting and randomly bouncing communications through a network of relays around the globe. The system is in the physical possession of Reuters, walled off from the rest of our network. We do not ask for or receive any identifying information, and we limit the information that is logged about our communications. Users should always navigate to the SecureDrop URL listed below. We will never ask users to download applications via the SecureDrop page.

To use the system, follow these steps:

We recommend you go to a place with a public internet connection. Choose somewhere you don’t normally go, and use a computer that is free of malware.

Download and install the Tor browser from . If you would like an added measure of security, you can use the Tails operating system, which includes the Tor browser. You can learn more about Tails at .

In the Tor browser, navigate to our SecureDrop site at reuters.securedrop.tor.onion or dvvbik7vtmvwwgj2cziqa36noa26l2pweghd26e5l5qwdnqtwmfhz5id.onion

Follow the instructions to send us a message and any files you want to share. You will be assigned a codename that you can use to log in and check for replies from us. Please keep the codename in a safe place, as you are the only person who will know it. Without it, you will not be able to contact us again or read our reply.

When you log back in, we recommend you delete any messages you receive from us as soon as you have read them.

We will decrypt the information you send us on a computer that is not connected to our network or to the internet.

The SecureDrop software we use is a project of the Freedom of the Press Foundation . You can read more about it here: . Every effort is made to ensure the system is free of bugs, but please be aware that you assume the risk that comes with any software system.

Enterprise reporter contacts

Clare Baldwin
B12F 9B87 C106 B2F8 E673  6AC4 55C7 F571 0092 FC5B

Lawrence Delevingne
E24D 3397 8A9F 827A

Stephen Grey
B369 7C75 8B19 5DAD 5143 DFD9 DB70 F0E2 AA55 E840

Aditya Kalra
946C 0BBE ABC7 1DF1

Sara Ledwith
7012 4B89 A4CA 3892 E212 1171 66CF 697C 32AE 14BA

Reade Levinson
B789 C7FD C4E1 55A6

Andrew RC Marshall
9CD9 5185 9F13 EEED B04B  2083 1B4A 76E7 78B7 3FC0

Ryan McNeill
10A7 03D3 E737 F6E7

Ned Parker
4571 8CAE 9EDE AB24

Janet Roberts
468C D09F EE4E D26C

Mica Rosenberg
2BD1 9CC8 0CDD BABF DD33  49EF 258F E990 DF18 6BDB

John Shiffman
4F60 8225 680E 2025

Steve Stecklow
7780 AEBF 9C63 DE0D C6A2  20E2 7809 F574 F8B6 6632

Charlie Szymanski
8DCE 7522 EE80 EC2B

Maurice Tamman
810F F2BC 8C66 8E9F